June 2018

Swiss Hütte Inn & Restaurant

Gert and Cindy Alper

Swiss Hütte Inn and Restaurant

Route 23, Hillsdale, NY

(413) 528-6200

(518) 325-3333



At the base of Catamount Ski Area sits an alpine-style building. In the front garden a Swiss and American flag wave proudly in the wind. It is a view that could have come straight out of an advertisement for idyllic ski chalets in the Swiss Alps. The building is home to the appropriately named Swiss Hütte, a 14-room inn and restaurant serving international cuisine that is owned and operated by Swiss-born chef Gert Alper and wife Cindy.


The Swiss Hütte is a little bit Berkshires, a little bit Hudson Valley— the state line literally runs through the middle of the restaurant. This means that it has two liquor licenses, pays taxes in both Massachusetts and New York, and has developed a unique identity under Gert and Cindy’s management.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 2:15pm