April 2008

They Don't Just Shop Local in Totnes - They Have Their Very Own Currency

The Independent - Rob Sharp - If you were to nip down to Devon's Totnes market on a Saturday looking to
buy some spelt flour pancakes, crêpes or falafels, then you might just
encounter Lou Brown, who is a remarkably fine cook. But she has another,
non-culinary distinction. Unlike most businesses in the country, Brown does
not deal in currency with a picture of the Queen's head on it. No, instead,
her change features an image much closer to home. The town where she lives.

BerkShares - Local Money

LA Chronicle - Mark Herpel - "By accepting BerkShares merchants are helping to establish markets for
locally made products, providing an incentive for the growth of home-based
industries and creating opportunities for those underemployed and unemployed
to turn latent skills into business ventures." * www.berkshares.org

What are BerkShares?

Towns to Drive Local Economy with Own Currency

Western Mail - Steffan Rhys - It would be cash but not – quite – as we know it.  A group of Welsh towns is pushing to have its own currency as it tries to create a micro- economy, the Western Mail can reveal today.  The aim? To strengthen links between local businesses and consumers while reducing reliance on big business.