BerkShares Young Entrepreneurs


Andrew LaPatin is a young man from Pittsfield with a passion for art. He has autism, and his work reflects his unique perception of the people, characters, wildlife, & natural beauty of the enchanted hills of Berkshire County. After Entry to Entrepreneurship he plans to continue his education by taking college-level art courses, establish a store on Etsy, and start building his network. Andrew is ready to accept special commissions and sell his artwork. You can contact him through his Facebook page.


Carla Hamida is a student at Bard College at Simon's Rock who identified a big gap in campus life: a student café! College students like to drink coffee, she says, but options for Rockers are currently very limited. She plans to fix that by starting a kiosk that will serve java jive roasted by Barrington Coffee Roasting Company – a company started by a Simon's Rock alum! Carla is working with college administrators to get her ducks in a row for opening the kiosk next year.


Charley Seckler is a teenager with a strong sense of possibility. He wrote his business plan for "Beef on the Beat," a delivery service that helps busy parents, elderly people, and second-home owners who are looking for a solution to the eternal question "who's going to go to the grocery store?" Charley was full of charm as he described the services he would offer; the luxury package even saves you from unloading your groceries!


Anna Houston wants to see a local chicken in every pot. To spur on local poultry farmers to increase the size of their flocks, she proposes a compact part-time poultry processing plant that can meet the needs of local farmers to slaughter, air chill, and package their birds humanely, cleanly, and efficiently. While she continues to develop her business model and connect with poultry producers in the area she is also looking for a suitable location. Look for her at the Blue Hill / North Plain Farm stand at the Great Barrington Farmers' Market, or contact her here with any tips.


Keeley Farnam is working to put her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to good use by offering holistic health coaching to young women in the Berkshires who experience anxiety, depression, and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Keeley’s own experiences have made her passionate about coaching people through such feelings using nutrition, exercise, and support, rather than medications. Right now Keeley is looking for clients; if you're interested in meeting up for a consultation you can contact her here.


Michael Abdalla comes from a family of entrepreneurs and signed up for Entry to Entrepreneurship because he plans to take the reins at his family's ice cream parlor in Lee (Lucky’s) this summer. Inspired by an environmental science class in high school, he focused on ways to make the establishment more eco-friendly while also remaining profitable. Stop in this summer to see how he’s doing!


Megan Smith is making landscaping cute with the help of her pet goats.  Megan’s “goat-scaping” business unleashes her two goats on unruly brush and brambles -- a nuisance to homeowners and landscapers alike, but a tasty treat for goats.  With so many environmentally conscious property owners in the Berkshires, it’s a great alternative to chemical weed killers.  Of equal importance is the solar-powered electric fence that keeps the goats from wreaking havoc on your gardens.


Monica Yen wants professional-quality photography to be more accessible to low-income people. A student at Simon’s Rock, she’s “giving back to her community” in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA by providing photography services to low-income students and families at a fraction of the cost of most services.  As the business manager, Monica participated in Entry to Entrepreneurship to create a business plan with her partner that meets their needs as college students. Monica plans to transfer to a school close to home but you can keep in touch with her here.


Jeferson Vera believes that the way to experience different cultures is through the stomach.  He plans to offer Berkshire County residents this opportunity with Café Jeferson, a restaurant that features cuisines from 15 different countries. Jeferson was inspired by a restaurant in his native Colombia and knows how to cook many culturally appropriate dishes from his time as a cook there. Jeferson is currently looking for a location as he builds out his menu. If you know of a restaurant space for rent, email Jeferson.


This year's Entry to Entrepreneurship final presentations may be viewed here:


Monday, May 1, 2017 - 9:30am