Treyson Racin'

Trevor Cobb has been “racing and riding since he can remember,” says Olivia Norton, co-owner, with Trevor, of Treyson Racin,’ a parts and accessories service and maintenance shop on Route 7 in Great Barrington. Treyson Racin’ specializes in the vehicles that Trevor grew up with—ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles—basically anything with a small engine. Lifelong enthusiasts they may be, but amateurs they are not—Trevor studied motorcycle mechanics and Olivia studied automotive technology and engine performance. “You name it and we can handle it,” says Olivia, with the confidence of someone who was the only woman in her entire college.

Olivia, who moved to the Berkshires in January to collaborate with Trevor, just recently registered Treyson Racin’ to accept BerkShares. She’s excited about the sheer number of local businesses that accept BerkShares. She would “like to see a lot more family-oriented and mom and pop shops succeed and expand” and she sees BerkShares as one way to help that happen. “Once we receive BerkShares we’re able to go to another small local business and show our appreciation. It’s nice to keep it all in the same area.” She is looking forward to meeting other BerkShares business owners at the Mahaiwe on September 22nd.

Treyson Racin’s success can be credited to Olivia and Trevor’s attention to their customers, their expertise in their field, and plain old hard work, but also to a particular synergy between the two of them. Says Olivia, “when my path crossed with Trevor’s I found someone who was equally as passionate about learning and the automotive industry as I was. I said, ‘we could take this to a whole new level.’”

In that vein, Trevor and Olivia are renovating the storefront next door so that they can triple the size of their shop by early 2014. They intend to expand and diversify their clothing, gear and helmet inventory so that they can cater to a broad range of customers interested in everything from cross-country motorcycle trips to jetskiing on Lake Buel. The plans also include a waiting lounge with refreshments and a constant feed of professional biking and racing videos.
But, even as they are busy expanding their business, Trevor and Olivia are looking for ways to engage with area young people and encourage them to stay healthy and do well in school. Olivia explains, “I’m a firm believer that if you get your kids out there they will stay drug free, away from partying and alcohol.” With their “study hard, play harder” program, they offer special discounts to students for good grades. And, Olivia has just made a film called “Stay Clean, Ride Dirty” to promote riding as an alternative to getting involved in drugs or alcohol. Next year, in their new space, the pair is looking forward to teaching ‘DIY’ classes for young and old alike.

About Berkshire County, Olivia can’t say enough good things. “I’ve never seen a town where everybody knows everybody and everybody is willing to help each other.  I don’t think anybody wants anybody to fail, especially small businesses.”  When Treyson Racin’ opened three years ago, she says, “Competitors were down here helping Trevor and giving him advice to succeed. I don’t think that’s something you find in a lot of areas.”  The way she sees it, “that alone is going to help Berkshire County grow and succeed.”

Treyson Racin'
955 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-9111