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BerkShares Business of the Month 

July, 2014 -One Mercantile


Abby and Andy

One Mercantile is, for owners Abby Webster and Andy Pruhenski, the perfect synthesis of their shared interests in design and craftsmanship, their Berkshire upbringing, and their entrepreneurial and artistic training. This is a little home goods shop with a high aesthetics and high standards. “We focus on small-batch production and locally made goods. We are trying to create a unique shopping experience in Great Barrington, and we carry many things you won’t see anywhere else,” says Andy. Read more here.

June, 2014 - Abbott's Limousine & Livery Service


Abbott's Limo

“Is this a taxi?”  That’s the question that launched Abbott’s Limousine and Livery Service back in 1965.  Don Abbott had recently lost his leg in a construction accident, and was looking for a way to provide for his growing family.  He had gone down to the town park to people-watch and think about his options.  When a visitor to the Berkshires stepped off the Greyhound bus and asked Abbott if his car was a taxi, he recognized an opportunity. Read more here.

May, 2014 -Baldwin's Hardware


henry baldwin

Henry Baldwin’s hardware business has a genealogy.  His great-great grandfather, also by the name of Henry, bought the business 150 years ago, and Baldwin’s Hardware has been a steadfast presence right smack in the middle of West Stockbridge ever since then.  From this vantage point, Baldwin has a pretty special perspective on this little—and very walkable—town. Read more here.

April, 2014 -Monterey Masonry


Mark Mendel

Cold hard stone?  Not in the hands of master mason Mark Mendel and his crew at Monterey Masonry.  When you talk to Mendel you realize that his business has a lot more to do with warmth than you might anticipate. Read more here.

March, 2014 - SEVEN salon.spa


Maurice Peterson Seven Salon.spa

Maurice Peterson’s ambitions did not originally tend toward owning a salon in Stockbridge.  “I was going to be a movie star and director,” he explains.  But his husband, Mark Johnson, had always dreamed of having his own salon, and after working for some of the top salons in London, Los Angeles, and New York, he knew a lot about the business. So eight years ago, they decided to take a chance.  In a “grand and fabulous” move, they sold all their property in New York, moved to Stockbridge—where they “didn’t know a soul”—and opened SEVEN salon.spa. Read more.

February, 2014 - Hilltop Orchards & Furnace Brook Winery


John Vittori

“I don’t think there’s a better place in the world to grow apples than New England and in particular the Berkshires,” says John Vittori, co-owner of Hilltop Orchards and Furnace Brook Winery. In 1987 Vittori and his sister Wendy bought a 200-acre orchard with trees dating back to 1920. “At the time it was a real stretch because we had no agricultural background.  But I always enjoyed a challenge, and I had a love of food. This site in Richmond, with the southern exposure, is perfect for growing apples, so we decided to build our business around all they can do for us.” Read more here.

January, 2014 -Bizalion's Fine Food


Jean-Francois Bizalion

“Entrepreneur” comes from the French entreprendre. “It’s the adventure of launching yourself into something new” says Jean-François Bizalion of Bizalion’s Fine Food in Great Barrington.  When Jean-François and his wife Helen opened their café and specialty food shop a little over ten years ago, in 2003, they were certainly embarking on a new adventure. “It’s in the tradition of “épiceries” in France.  You can find local potatoes, onions, fruit, cheese, meat, but also dates from Jordan, soap from Lebanon, Opinel knives from the Savoie.  That’s the mix that we like.”  Read more here.

December, 2013 - Kemble Inn & Table Six Restaurant

Ron Reda

The Kemble Inn and Table Six Restaurant have grabbed ahold of BerkShares and they’re not letting go.  This 13-room boutique hotel and restaurant have been all atwitter since they started accepting BerkShares a year ago.
Read more about this boutique hotel and restaurant and their BerkShares specials here.

November, 2013 -Daniel Bellow Porcelain


Daniel Bellow

“The pottery is very quiet,” insists Daniel Bellow, owner of Daniel Bellow Porcelain.  And if you see his work you’re sure to agree.  Its strength is not in being flashy or cute, but rather in its gravity, simplicity, and its feel.  “This is manufacturing,” Bellow says, “can’t you see the clay under my fingernails?” Read morehere

October, 2013 -Rawson Brook Farm


Susan Sellew with her goats

Susan Sellew has been making her Monterey Chevre for the last 30 years, and it keeps selling itself. Like any good business, hers is the result of her dedication, passion and hard work, along with a very healthy dose of community support. But unlike any other good business, Rawson Brook Farm makes chevre.

September, 2013 -Treyson Racin'

Trevor Cobb has been “racing and riding since he can remember,” says Olivia Norton, co-owner, with Trevor, of Treyson Racin,’ a parts and accessories service and maintenance shop on Route 7 in Great Barrington. Treyson Racin’ specializes in the vehicles that Trevor grew up with—ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles—basically anything with a small engine. “You name it and we can handle it,” says Olivia. Read more here.

Trevor Cobb and Olivia Norton

Treyson Racin'-955 Main Street, Great Barrington, (413) 528-9111

August, 2013 -The Magic Fluke

Can you guess which BerkShares business owes its existence to a fluke at a flea market? Phyllis Webb says The Magic Fluke Company would never have happened if her brother—a guitar player in the music industry—had not found a vintage ukulele at an L.A. flea market and realized “Gee, I could do with four strings what I’ve been doing all my life with six.” Within a few weeks, Phyllis’ husband Dale, an engineer, had left his job in the corporate world and started redesigning the ukulele; Dale’s first prototypes were hand-molded and baked in the family toaster oven. Read more here.

Magic Fluke Co

The Magic Fluke Co. - 292 S. Main Street, Sheffield, (413) 229-8536

July, 2013 - Route 7 Grill


Lester Blumenthal claims to have lost all his marbles when he decided to make a go of the restaurant business.  But anyone who succumbs to Bessie the fiberglass cow’s beckoning glance and follows the arrows to the Route 7 Grill will see that Lester has not lost anything, but instead has found a way to make a restaurant into a celebration of a region, a landscape, and a community. Read more here.

Lester Blumenthal

Route 7 Grill - 999 Main St. Great Barrington, (413) 528-3235

June, 2013 - The Snap Shop


Steve and Tony Carlotta have been in business on Railroad Street since April Fools' Day, 1972. They sell both digital and conventional cameras, film, and accessories, and offer high-quality printing and top-notch customer service. It's only natural that they have been accepting BerkShares at their shop since 2006. Read more here.

Steve and Tony

The Snap Shop - 14 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, (413) 528-4725

May, 2013 -Berkshire Bike & Board


Steffen Root started off as an apprentice bike mechanic when Berkshire Bike & Board first opened; 4 years later he became the owner. Now he's in his 18th year in the bike business, and he still just wants to make sure that you have "no reason not to get on your bike." Read more about his business and why he participates in the BerkShares community here.

Steffen Root Bike & Board

Berkshire Bike & Board - 29 State Rd. Great Barrington, (413) 528-5555

April, 2013 - Locke Stock & Barrel


Locke Larkin, the man behind Berkshire County’s oldest-established gourmet food shop, Locke Stock & Barrel, laughs when asked about “the local movement,” because for him, it just means that he has been around long enough to see things come full circle.  A native of the Berkshires, he grew up in a household that was both producer and merchant. His family kept pigs, chickens, cows, horses, and a garden, and his father and grandfather ran Larkin's Market on Railroad Street in Great Barrington. Read more here.

Locke Larkin

Locke Stock & Barrel - 265 Stockbridge Rd. Great Barrington (413) 528-0800

March, 2013 - The Bookloft


How often can you still find an independently owned bookstore, one with the local flavor leant by a used book section, a large collection of local histories, and books signed by local authors?  Less and less often, as Eric Wilska, co-owner of the Bookloft on Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington, will tell you.  In the 39 years since he opened the Bookloft he says he has seen the number of independent bookstores in Massachusetts west of the Connecticut River drop from thirteen to only four.  However, it is no coincidence that the Bookloft is one of those four survivors. Read more here.

Wilska Bookloft

The Bookloft - 332 Stockbridge Rd. Great Barrington, (413) 528-1521

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